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Money Cannot Buy Everything; But Without Money, You Will Live a Miserable Life

My journey just started out like many others and my life was just spent like many others as well. One experience I want to share with everyone, that is ...

Money Cannot buy Everything, but without money, you will live a miserable life.

Your family will not be happy, and you will not be happy with yourself. Here is my story ...


I was born in China about 40 years ago; at that time, almost everyone was paid the same, about $96 per year, although my parents worked very hard, I rarely had any cookies, any toys or candies, my dream was just to taste a banana one day. Nevertheless, I was happy, never worried about anything.


In 1997, with $400 in my pocket, the lifesaving from my parents, I went to University of Missouri to study biomedical science, in the hope of finding some treasure and freedom, so that I could eventually save my parents one day.

With my tuition fees waived and an annual assistantship of $10k, I thought I was dead rich comparing with my parents' annual salary of $96. So I shared with 5 other students in a 2 bedroom apartment, and we save everything we could possibly save, still I could barely save anything for my parents.

In December 1998, I got my first master degree, and I had my first job offer, the annual gross pay was $20k. I figured that I could barely afford myself with this amount; how could I retire my parents, or have a family.  

I decided to continue with a different major; shortly after, I married, my high school sweetheart, but with my teaching assistantship, we still struggled,  and we did not dare to have any kids, because we could not afford. In December 2000,

I got my second master in statistics, and I got two job offers in the mid $50k annually. I shared the excitement with my wife, we celebrated with two bottle of beers. Although my professor still wanted me to finish my PhD degree, but I was ambitious, did not want to stay as a poor student any more.


I started my first job in Minneapolis, MN, when my wife was still studying in school. She did not get any assistantship from the school, and more than 80% of my after tax-income went directly back to school. We still lived in a tiny studio with hardly any furniture in the room. Two years later, she finished her school, and got her first job, we bought our first house; I thought we were ready to considering babies.


But LIFE JUST CHANGED IN ONE DAY, BEFORE I REALIZED IT. The day my wife came home with the final paycheck she could ever get from her boss, because her boss went out of business, everyone had to go, and her boss was only able to pay her half of her salary.

Shortly after, my wife got another offer, except that she had to travel all the way to Washington DC. Unfortunately, I could not find a job there. We had to live in two separate cities. I thought about starting my own business, but did not know where to start, and how to start; I was so afraid of losing money, because we were barely able to pay my debt.


Finally, I got a new job, which allowed me to work from home, so I was finally able to live together with my wife; of course, I had to sell my house in Minneapolis. But I could not afford another house again; they were so much more expensive comparing to Minneapolis.

We moved every so often that we did not want to have babies. I started to explore different business opportunities, trying different things, but nothing was really successful due to many reasons, such as lack of proper systems, lack of consistent inventories, lack of proper training, coaching and mentorship; finally, they all failed because of several terrible mistakes I made. LIFE WAS NEVER EASY ON ME.


A few years later, I got another offer from one of the largest pharmaceutical companies; the only caveat is that I had to go to my new office in Manhattan every day. So my wife and I rushed to NJ, we purchased our second house with a big mortgage, although I knew it would be a burden for both of us, we can't resist the temptation to settle down, and we were approaching our 40s.

So I spent 3 hours every day in commuting, had to work 11 or 12 hours a day and weekends constantly.

Excitement just came so suddenly, when my wife told me she was pregnant. Soon after, when I was told that I could have twins, I was shocked, how could I afford to have two babies. 

Still I was SO HAPPY that my baby girls came into my life; they are my treasure, my laughter, and my angel. I was still in debt, busy diapering and milking, and working my ass off for the company, But I was so happy that I thought I was in HEAVEN.  My daughters were growing up happily; both my wife and I had a job; we can barely save anything even after the tax hit, the monthly payment to the mortgage, the property tax, and the tuitions for my girls’ kinder garden .

My entrepreneur mindset never distinguished, although I was so busy, still I was able to try out different options, for example, trying to sell some products on ebay, trying to sell some products from affiliation site, or products from China. To be honest, the profit can barely make up the expenses.


Two months before my daughters’ 5th birthday, my company cut down my salary by 23% because of the economy; six months later, my wife moved back to China because of her job. I had to take care of my daughters serving as both mom and dad. I never complained; soon after, I realized that after the salary cut down, I had to struggle again, and my savings was depleting.

I would never be able to enjoy a real happy life unless I could achieve financial independence; working as an employee would definitely not going to help me to achieve that goal. I went out actively looking for different business opportunities, this time I was willing to invest with my time and money.


A few months after my wife came back from China, she got laid off; I had to search for other options with the hope to earn a little bit more. Soon, I was hired by another pharma company in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the US. Although the gross pay was increased by 30%, but the tax also hit me hard, the after-tax income was only increased by 15%, while the living expenses more than tripled. Again, I could not afford any decent house big enough for my families. I had to leave my families behind in NJ, and I rented a tiny studio of $150 SQ with the hope I could save a little more for my families.

I launched my initial finance service business, mentored by the top industry leaders; I could easily learn some financial knowledge on how to save some tax, how to properly invest without worrying about the market risks, how to plan for a peaceful retirement, how to plan for my girls college...


My business was not growing very fast, as a matter of fact, very slow; still I loved it, it just loved the idea of helping myself, my family and everybody like me. But I still need to make some profit, right?

So I started again as a student of the industry, attending workshops, reading, and listening to audios, attending any seminars or class I could ever find online or locally. Gradually, things started to happen, I started to make some profit and my team were getting bigger. 


Our passion is serving others and watching them find success. We know this industry is our ticket to freedom and can be anyone else’s ticket if they’re willing to buckle down, work hard, and commit to the process. We hope that through blogging and sharing what we’ve learned from the top business leaders, as well as the products we recommend, I might be help a small part of you finding success in your own journey.


If I can leave you with any advice, it is – THINK BIGGER! The world is changing every year, every month and every day… AI is coming sooner than we expect, it may eventually replace us in many industries. So if we don't think ahead of time, it will be too late when we are getting older and asked to leave with a final pay check.

It IS not too late to build a business of our own, with a easy to follow system, duplicable model, high market needs, it will be doable, right?

You all have what it takes to be a top earner in this industry! Nothing is off limits to you if you set your sights high, work smarter instead of harder, and run with a burning desire to serve others. It IS possible to shorten the timeline between the life you’re living and the life you dream of.

My only question for you is ARE YOU READY?

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